January 22, 2004

Mayor Guy Carrozzo
City of Fountain Valley
10200 Slater Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Dear Mayor Carrozzo,

As concerned homeowners, we are writing you this letter to express our opposition to property development proposals that will negatively impact our neighborhood.

On January 14, 2004, the homeowners of Devonwood Estates (located northwest of the intersection of Brookhurst and Garfield) were introduced to proposals by both the McDonalds Corporation and Panda Express. These proposals involve the development of two fast food drive-ins directly adjacent to our residential tract. As stated by the developer of the McDonalds, the customer traffic from his project alone would be in excess of 1000 cars per day. 65% of these cars will be drive-thru. The proposed development plan shows traffic ingress and egress via both Brookhurst and Niagara River. Niagara River happens to be one of only two entrances to our neighborhood

Of utmost concern, is their proposal to develop this commercial site utilizing non-commercial streets for ingress and egress. This proposed location is only a few hundred feet away from the back entrance to Moiola Elementary School. There are many neighborhood children as well as other Fountain Valley children who enter Moiola via this back entrance. These concerns are emphasized when the projected traffic will significantly increase the number of cars per day on these residential streets. We are concerned about the increased traffic flow and its severe effect on the safety of our streets and a child’s safety. With the potential of over 650+ cars utilizing our streets, it would no longer be a quiet residential area but more consistent with a major traffic thoroughfare.

Beyond a child’s safety, there are more concerns that need to be addressed. With the extended hours of operation, two fast food drive-ins will drastically reduce the quite time on our residential streets. Traffic will start at 6am and end as late as midnight(?). This uncontrolled intrusion without a doubt dramatically increases the probability of crime and loitering in all surrounding areas. There will be a significant increase of trash in the streets, yards, canal and school facility. Unwanted trash of this nature requires additional vector/rodent control. Lastly, noise derived by the additional traffic along with the loud order speakers will have an adverse effect on the immediate community.

We recognize that these projects must first be evaluated by the city planning committee while environmental impact studies are completed. This letter is being sent to you early to make sure that the level of awareness by the appropriate city officials is commensurate with the concerns shared by the community residents.

Thank you for your time and attention to our concerns.


Jo-An Verstraete
9790 James River
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 964- 1462