Mayor Guy Carrozzo
City Of Fountain Valley
10200 Slater Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Mayor Carrozzo,

I am writing as a concerned citizen of Fountain Valley regarding the potential proposal of building a McDonalds at the corner of Brookhurst and Niagara River. This is based on a recent meeting where McDonalds and Panda Express had their second presentation addressing Devonwood Estate’s list of concerns.

I appreciate these companies trying to increase revenues. As these revenues are realized, I also understand that the City of Fountain Valley reaps the benefits based on tax implications. What alarms me most is the lack of initial analysis of traffic patterns and overall lack of concern about the safety of a neighborhood. It was blatantly apparent that theses companies were not aware of the lack of access for northbound traffic due to the limitations of Brookhurst median. Due to the median, Niagara River, a residential street, becomes the only access to northbound Brookhurst traffic. Additionally, Niagara becomes the exit where traffic will be directed towards Devonwood Estate’s Mt. Cimarron. This will be the situation because it will be easier to cut through the housing track rather than proceed south on Brookhurst, stop at the light to turn on Garfield. Here lies the safety concern. Children use Niagara River and Mt. Cimarron to go to Moiola school, bike, ride scooters and play in the street.

I don’t welcome the day when a car opts to use our neighbor streets to gain access to Garfield. As the car exits this site onto Niagara, the car cuts the corner short on Mt. Cimarron. As the car accelerates, a child is crossing the street from James River (my street). The car strikes the child where in the past the child considered this safe. Now imagine that this is your child. I do. By this scenario alone, this now likely scenario makes this proposal an act of greed and not profit.

I truly believe that Fountain Valley is “A Nice Place to Live”. Let’s not make this “A Greedy Place to Habitat”. By voting for you, I trusted your judgment. Now, I am counting on you and your fellow council members to remember why all of us live in Fountain Valley. I am sure you would not like to have this situation on your street corner.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eric Verstraete
9790 James River
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
“Fountain Valley - A Nice Place to Live”